dtla-los-angeles-engagement-photos-001This darling couple!  I’m so excited about these two for so many reasons.  For one thing — Anna and I share the same name!  Is it just me — or does anyone else think it sounds funny when you’re saying your own name repeatedly but talking to someone else?  I felt so strange saying “Anna, give him a kiss!” or “Anna, do this!” during their e-session.  :)

Anyhow, it was so fun working with these two and running around all the major landmarks in downtown Los Angeles one recent weekend.  Jerry is an architect so the beautiful skyline and historic architecture of the DTLA area really spoke to him.  I love how silly and playful these photos are, and how Jerry’s eyes are totally lost and squinty when he is full-on laughing.  There is so much joy in these photos and it was just absolutely lovely capturing the way Jerry simply lights up Anna’s life.  He is so smitten with her, and I can’t wait to document this same affection and commitment on their upcoming wedding day!

grand central market engagement photosgrand central market engagement photosdtla-los-angeles-engagement-photos-004dtla-los-angeles-engagement-photos-005dtla-los-angeles-engagement-photos-006dtla-los-angeles-engagement-photos-007dtla-los-angeles-engagement-photos-008

dtla-los-angeles-engagement-photos-021los angeles central library in downtowndtla-los-angeles-engagement-photos-010dtla-los-angeles-engagement-photos-011dtla-los-angeles-engagement-photos-012dtla-los-angeles-engagement-photos-013dtla-los-angeles-engagement-photos-014dtla-los-angeles-engagement-photos-015dtla-los-angeles-engagement-photos-016dtla-los-angeles-engagement-photos-017dtla-los-angeles-engagement-photos-018dtla-los-angeles-engagement-photos-019dtla-los-angeles-engagement-photos-020For more information about Anna Mae Lam Photography:

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portofino yacht club sunset wedding

Holly and Matt were married at the regal Portofino Hotel & Marina Yacht Club earlier this spring.  It was a beautiful day in Redondo Beach and the marina was so inviting and breathtaking.  I think the Portofino Yacht Club is one of the best venues to get married at – affordable without compromising on style or taste.  I don’t say this often but the wedding day was absolutely perfect from start to finish!  I think it helps that Holly is a planner and super organized.  She was so prepared for the day that she didn’t even need to hire a wedding coordinator!  That is how on top of her game she was.

I love so many things about this wedding – from the gold and ivory details to the star of the show – Matt and Holly’s adorable toddler son!  He was so incredibly cute to photograph.  I couldn’t help but point the camera at him most of the day.  One of my favorite moments was when he decided to wander down the aisle to hold hands with his parents as they were exchanging their vows.  You’ll have to scroll down to see it below.  Isn’t that just the sweetest?  There were so many tender moments too.  I love the parent dances Holly and Matt did during the reception.  The bond that this family has across three generations is so apparent in those photos.  I know Holly and Matt are already wonderful parents because you can see so clearly the love their own parents have for them.

portofino yacht club wedding detailsportofino-yacht-club-wedding-003portofino-yacht-club-wedding-004portofino-yacht-club-wedding-005portofino-yacht-club-wedding-006portofino yacht club hotel lobbyportofino yacht club hotel lobbyportofino yacht club hotel lobby

I love these portraits we did of Holly before the wedding.  Isn’t she a stunning bride?

portofino-yacht-club-wedding-010portofino yacht club hotel lobbyportofino-yacht-club-wedding-013portofino yacht club ceremony siteportofino yacht club ceremony siteportofino-yacht-club-wedding-016portofino-yacht-club-wedding-017portofino yacht club bride walking down aisleportofino-yacht-club-wedding-019portofino-yacht-club-wedding-020portofino-yacht-club-wedding-021portofino yacht club wedding ceremonyportofino-yacht-club-wedding-023portofino-yacht-club-wedding-024portofino yacht club wedding ceremony siteportofino-yacht-club-wedding-026

Holly and Matt’s son is just the cutest thing.  He wanted to be with his parents at the alter – luckily his uncle made a quick grab and scooped him up before he completely stole the show!  :)

portofino-yacht-club-wedding-027portofino yacht club wedding ceremonyportofino yacht club wedding ceremonyportofino yacht club wedding ceremonyportofino yacht club bride and groom portraitsportofino-yacht-club-wedding-033portofino yacht club bride and groom portraitsportofino-yacht-club-wedding-035portofino-yacht-club-wedding-036portofino yacht club patioportofino yacht club receptionportofino yacht club ballroom receptionportofino yacht club wedding receptionportofino-yacht-club-wedding-042portofino-yacht-club-wedding-043portofino-yacht-club-wedding-044portofino-yacht-club-wedding-045portofino yacht club mom son danceportofino yacht club mom son danceportofino-yacht-club-wedding-048portofino-yacht-club-wedding-049portofino yacht club sunsetportofino yacht club sunsetportofino yacht club sunsetportofino yacht club patio sunsetportofino-yacht-club-wedding-056portofino-yacht-club-wedding-057portofino-yacht-club-wedding-058portofino-yacht-club-wedding-059portofino-yacht-club-wedding-060portofino yacht club hotel lobby

Ceremony & Reception LocationPortofino Yacht Club & Marina Hotel  | 260 Portofino Way, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 |
(310) 379-8481

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orange county park bridge wedding photos

This wedding is going to be two posts because there are too many photos to fit it into one!  Tanya and David are seriously one of the best couples I have ever met.  David is so kind and humble, and Tanya is very thoughtful and considerate.  Most wedding days are about the bride and groom but Tanya and David thought of their parents first and foremost, and wanted to make them happy by incorporating cultural traditions into their wedding day.  The morning started off with two traditional Vietnamese tea ceremonies at each of their families homes, followed by a first-look and bridal party photo session, vow exchange ceremony and then finally the reception in the evening!  It was wonderful spending such a special day with these two because it was joyous from start to finish!  Tanya and David both have big families and were the first to be married in their generation of cousins so they knew their wedding was going to be big.  In other words, go big or go home!  :)

Traditional Asian tea ceremonies are full of cultural rituals such as burning incense and praying to their ancestors.  Tanya and David definitely wanted to honor their parents’ cultures and I think they  really accomplished that.  They served tea to all of their elders and in turn many well-wishes and warm words of congratulations were bestowed upon them.  When the parents gave them their blessings – it was so poignant and emotional.

Tanya’s traditional custom made Ao Dai Vietnamese dress was just divine.  It was stylish, modern and full of delicate lace and intricate beading.

traditional vietnamese ao daijimmy choo linda wedding shoe

traditional lace ao dai tea ceremonycrowne-plaza-anaheim-wedding-006

traditional lace ao dai tea ceremonytraditional lace ao dai tea ceremonytraditional lace ao dai tea ceremony

After the two traditional tea ceremonies – Tanya and David got ready for their “first look” and bridal party portraits before the actual vow exchange ceremony.  I love doing detail shots of the bride getting ready and Tanya’s details did not disappoint!  Don’t you just love her Jimmy Choo Linda Sandals?  They are so sparkly and gorgeous!

jimmy choo linda wedding shoescrowne-plaza-anaheim-wedding-003crowne-plaza-anaheim-wedding-004crowne-plaza-anaheim-wedding-008crowne-plaza-anaheim-wedding-009crowne-plaza-anaheim-wedding-010crowne-plaza-anaheim-wedding-011crowne-plaza-anaheim-wedding-012

first look wedding photos

Their first look was so sweet.  I love these series of photos above and below because they are so full of happiness and emotion.

park outdoor first look wedding photoscrowne-plaza-anaheim-wedding-014crowne-plaza-anaheim-wedding-015crowne-plaza-anaheim-wedding-028crowne-plaza-anaheim-wedding-016crowne-plaza-anaheim-wedding-017orange county park bridge wedding photoscrowne-plaza-anaheim-wedding-019crowne-plaza-anaheim-wedding-020orange county park bridge wedding photos

orange county park bridge wedding photoscrowne-plaza-anaheim-wedding-022

We had lots of time for formal portraits and we were able to capture these amazing photos above at a local park.  It was nice to get all of the bridal party and couple photos done and out of the way before the ceremony so everyone could enjoy cocktail hour and spend time with guests.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Tanya and David’s wedding post – which will feature their vow exchange ceremony and reception at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and Resort in Anaheim.

Special thanks to my Assistant Photographers: Danny Curry & Albert Halim

For more information about Anna Mae Lam Photography:
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knollwood country club best wedding photographer

This sweet couple was married at the gorgeous Knollwood Country Club in Granada Hills.  The wedding ceremony took place on the edge of the Knollwood Golf Course overlooking the green with magnificent trees as a backdrop.  I loved their green and purple wedding colors and the whimsical butterfly decorations at the reception.

Their wedding rings were especially unique because they decided to forgo traditional diamond stones and instead went with Irish Celtic Claddagh wedding bands.  I couldn’t stop marveling at the details on their rings!  The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty – ultimately representing love, loyalty and friendship – all things essential to a long-lasting marriage.  I loved this special detail and thought it was a lovely way to pay homage to his Irish roots.  Enjoy these photos from their beautiful wedding day!

irish celtic wedding ring two hands around heart stone

knollwood country club groomknollwood country club groom getting ready

knollwood-country-club-wedding-004knollwood-country-club-wedding-005knollwood country club bride getting readyknollwood-country-club-wedding-007knollwood country club best wedding photographer knollwood-country-club-wedding-009knollwood country club ceremony siteknollwood country club wedding ceremony siteknollwood-country-club-wedding-012knollwood country club wedding ceremony siteknollwood country club best wedding photographerknollwood-country-club-wedding-015knollwood-country-club-wedding-016knollwood-country-club-wedding-017knollwood-country-club-wedding-018knollwood-country-club-wedding-019knollwood-country-club-wedding-020knollwood-country-club-wedding-021knollwood-country-club-wedding-022knollwood-country-club-wedding-023knollwood country club wedding reception hallknollwood-country-club-wedding-025knollwood-country-club-wedding-026knollwood-country-club-wedding-027knollwood country club wedding reception hallknollwood-country-club-wedding-029knollwood-country-club-wedding-032knollwood country club wedding reception hallknollwood country club wedding receptionknollwood country club wedding reception hallknollwood-country-club-wedding-036knollwood-country-club-wedding-037knollwood-country-club-wedding-039knollwood country club wedding photosknollwood country club wedding photos

knollwood country club wedding photographerknollwood country club wedding photosknollwood country club best wedding photosknollwood-country-club-wedding-044knollwood country club best wedding photosknollwood country club wedding photographer

Ceremony & Reception LocationKnollwood Country Club  | 12040 Balboa Boulevard, Granada Hills, CA 91344 |
(818) 831-1366

Special thanks to my Second Photographer: Danny Curry

For more information about Anna Mae Lam Photography:
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